There are separate pages for all of my design projects. Feel free to download, check them out, and leave questions/comments/suggestions on this page!


1.) ASH: A Saviour’s Heart

This game has seen drastic changes since its first posting. My first game has grown a lot, but it is narrowing its focus on creativity and fluidity as design goals.

Designed for 2-3 players, 1 Sessioneer.


2.) Magic: The Epic

Inspired by the (very much copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast) “Magic: The Gathering” cards. Here is a ruleset that allows RPG fans and MtG fans to find something in common–an MtG RPG!
Designed for 2-3 players, 1 Host.


3.) Masks in the Madhouse

Inspired by my first ever LARP (a murder mystery) I set out to create an Emergent LARP. The difference? No scripted anything. Give the players goals, resources, and watch them roleplay their hearts out!

Designed for 12-18 players, 1 Host.


4.) Cold Space

“Cold Space” was written by a friend of mine, Brisbois, M.D. It is his “space-themed” Emergent LARP that was influenced by my “Masks in the Madhouse”.

Designed for 11 players, 1 Host.