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Magic: The Epic

This game is designed to allow players to role-play in the world of “Magic: The Gathering”. The cards belong to Wizards of the Coast, this RPG belongs to me.

Game sessions are planned for 4 hours and employ node-based design (see “The Alexandrian” website). Gameplay is quick and players have lots of opportunities to be creative and interactive.

Magic: the Epic V1.30

MtE Char Sheet V1.4

Playtesting History
As of posting this game has evolved over 7 playtest sessions:

1.) Annie and Mark- Escape Akrasa (Through Tal Nam)

2.) Garret and Mark- Kadeen and Abdul meet in Gideon

3.) Annie, Garret, Stef, Mark- Survive the Caravan and ally with the Spiders

4.) (Mark Hosted) Daniel, Annie, Garret, Stef- Taming the Forest Menace

5.) Garret, Matt, Mark- Who’s Hunting Black Mages?

6.) (Garret Hosted) Daniel, Annie, Stef- Clash with The Three

7.) Garret, Matt, Mark- Hunting Nekrataal